What does it mean to ABIDE in Christ? John 15:4 tells us, “Abide in Me, and I in you…” The word ABIDE in John 15:4 is the Greek word MENO. It means to remain, to continue, to tarry, to endure, and to wait for.
If we are to remain in the place of abiding we must first get there or get connected. To be connected to Christ is to be in relationship with HIM. He tells us to continue there. This relationship is long term and eternal. Once we get connected we cannot leave HIM. He wants us to stay with HIM forever. Stay in the relationship so there can be a forever in eternal life. The word also means to endure. A life abiding in Christ is not always an easy one. The difference is it is the best one. When we abide in HIM, no matter what comes your way; be it persecution, financial hard times, sickness or otherwise, We are in Christ and He is in us!  As long as we are abiding, God is always there to help us in any given situation.  It is not always a feeling of HIS presence but a knowing that HIS presence is with us.  Abiding also means to wait for.  God is always with us but we may not see HIIM act at the moment we think HE should.  We wait for HIM to present HIS solution, plan, or give us direction.  As we ABIDE in HIM we learn to wait for Him. Abiding in Christ is an amazing concept but when carried out in your life will change you forever.


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